5th-Graders in New York benefit sea otters with lemonade stand

5th grade class create lemonade stand to benefit sea otters

Lemonade stand Sugar Lemon logo benefitting sea ottersRecently, we connected with a class of 5th-graders from Clarkstown Central School District in New City, New York. The kids had been tasked by their teacher, Mrs. Kelley, to create a small business and they worked together to develop ideas. After brainstorming for a bit, Sugar Lemon was born to help raise money for endangered animals – sea otters being one of the animals to benefit.

Always excited by young kids that want to help sea otters, we reached out to them to ask them about their project and to learn more about Sugar Lemon. Each student answered a different question.

Tell us about Sugar Lemon. How did it get started? Then, why did you want to create it to benefit animals?

“Hello! My name is Ryan and we started Sugar Lemon because our teacher Mrs. Kelly told us that we had to become Social Entrepreneurs someway. So, we had the idea to make a lemonade stand but we wanted to use biodegradable cups. When we decided to use biodegradable cups, we had an idea to donate the money to animals and the biodegradable cups would also be helping animals because it would mean less waste that could end up in the ocean.

What is the best story you’ve had – or that someone has shared with you – while selling your lemonade?

According to Abby, “Some of the kids were really nice! They loved the idea of planting flowers after finishing their cup. Most of them were super respectful when receiving their lemonade. One of the strangest things happened when two kids were purchasing their lemonade. They used checks! Can you believe it? Checks! A lot of kids preferred candy over fruit (what a surprise). The lemonade stand raised over $300! Thank you so much for letting us donate to your charity!”

5th graders make lemonade to help sea otters We love that you encourage the lemonade cups to be used to plant flowers. How did you come up with that idea?

“Hi, my name is Devi. The plant idea came rolling as we were brainstorming. We were brainstorming and we were talking about cups, and then we brought up what would the kids do with the cups after they drink. We thought about recycling, but then I had a great idea and blurted out, “What if we use the empty cups to plant flowers?”, and that is how we came up with the flower project. By the way, I love what you are doing to help the sea otters. It is so amazing and I am really grateful that we got to help your charity out!”

Your stand benefits sea otters as well as turtles and koalas. What is your favorite thing about sea otters?

Emerson states “They are cute and cuddly, and I would cry if they went extinct. Also, I love how they cuddle each other. I have done a lot of reports on them.”

What is the most interesting fact you know about sea otters? Or why do you like sea otters?

5th grader working to help sea otters According to Luke, “The most interesting fact I know about sea otters is that they eat 25% of their body weight each day. Sea otters usually weigh 50 to 100 pounds, so that means that they eat 12.5 to 25 pounds of food a day!”

Have any of you visited sea otters at a zoo or aquarium, or even seen them in the wild? If so, where?

“I visited many zoos and I have seen otters at them. They are the cutest little creatures ever and I know that they are endangered. It’s so cute that they use tools just like chimpanzees,” states Aidan. 

We thank you so much for benefitting endangered animals with your lemonade stand. We understand you have middle and high school to complete, but do any of you have hopes to be a marine biologist or to help animals with your career? And, if so, what would you like to do?

“My name is Pearl and when I grow up one of the many jobs I would like to have is being a marine biologist. I love sea creatures, and I do not want to see them go extinct. Being a marine biologist can help save these animals.”