Sea Otter Awareness Week

Sea Otter Awareness Week 2018

Elkhorn Slough Foundation speaks with us about the sound/audio additions to OtterCam 1 as well as the restoration project at Hester Marsh. 


Check out films from our grantees for 2017 here: 

Oregon Zoo cares for three sea otters currently. They are in line to receive the next Southern sea otter pup deemed non-releasable.  SOFT funds helped them with a holding tank set-up for this pup. 

SOFT funds help support the Elkhorn Slough Foundation OtterCam. We met with staff and volunteers to discuss the OtterCam. 

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For the 2017 Sea Otter Awareness Week, we are:  

  1. Interviewing our funding grant recipients (SOFT grantees) 
  2. Filming videos from sea otter habitat in California
  3. Having a pizza-night fundraiser on Sept. 26 (see details here)
  4. Quizzing our social media followers on sea otter facts
  5. AND much more!

Check out these videos from 2016 Sea Otter Awareness Week. 


SOFT 2015 grantee, Sarah Chinn from Sonoma State University