Sea otter effects on Washington nearshore marine environment

Sea otter effects on Washington’s nearshore ecosystems – a new thinking

Our funding award to Seattle Aquarium and Zachary Randell The Seattle Aquarium was successfully awarded a funding grant to purchase a remotely operated vehicle, ROV and its accompanying equipment, during the 2020 grant cycle.  We are proud and excited to have assisted them in the initial stages of this research to investigate the possibility that sea otters can assist the resilience of marine ecosystems, especially those along the outer coast of Washington. Sea otter effects on Washington’s nearshore ecosystems – a new thinking The…

Sea Otter Awareness Week 2019

Become sea otter aware beginning September 22

The start of Sea Otter Awareness Week brings about excitement regarding what is new in the world of sea otters.   Will it bring people together to discuss advancements in research; a conservation initiative or an educational effort?  One can never tell.

Much of the week can be participated in online, but for the most ardent of sea otter fans, lectures are available, extra educational talks are included with regular admission at zoos and aquariums in the United States, Canada & Europe while kayak tours appreciating sea otters and their habitat are often offered in California or Alaska.

Follow our activities during the week here.




Sea otter or River otter?

Know the differences between otter species

Sea otters live in the North Pacific Ocean (North of the Tropic of Cancer).  River otters live in rivers and spend their time along the accompanying riverbanks.

There are 13 species of otter throughout the world; 12 are river otters; 1 is the sea otter.

sea otter for differences post
Sea otter in the Pacific Ocean

Sea otters tend to swim on their backs while river otters tend to swim on their stomachs.

Sea otters eat foods found in the Pacific Ocean like sea urchins, crabs, sea stars, clams, mussels & shrimp.

North American river otter - differences post
A North American river otter swims on stomach

River otters eat foods found in their river habitats such as fish, crayfish, shrimp, crabs, and even frogs.