What does giving mean to you?

Give to sea otters

We know that the holidays bring about a time of giving.  

What does giving mean to you?

• Does it involve volunteering at an animal shelter, a wildlife rehabilitation center or a nonprofit organization whose mission you strongly support?
• Does it involve listening to a friend and empathizing with their plight?
• Does it involve giving a gift to someone who might be cheered by your thoughtful kindness?
• Does it involve making a donation to your favorite charity and learning about how your gift made all the difference?

For us at the Sea Otter Foundation & Trust, giving involves all of these ideas and…so much more.

We have been sparked by sea otters – and the mission of our organization, the Sea Otter Foundation & Trust to make a difference for sea otters in a completely new way – has been a guiding light for this organization.

Our funding grants have made impacts to:
• The Elkhorn Slough Foundation’s OtterCams – both increasing their streaming capacity and playing an integral role in adding sound to OtterCam1
• Seattle Aquarium’s investigation of toxicity levels in their resident sea otters as well as the Washington state wild sea otter population
• Graduate-level university research regarding:

*end-lactation syndrome in female (mother) sea otters
*nasal mites that contribute to respiratory disease – and what that might mean for humans
*the prominence of peptic ulcers in sea otters
*The ability of zoos, aquariums & other nonprofit organizations to impact the rehabilitation of non-releasable sea otter pups.

There is still work to be done for sea otters – we need you to continue our mission of ensuring the survival and recovery of sea otters in their habitats by building funds to support sea otter research, conservation & education.

Please donate today.

We thank you on behalf of sea otters and our mission.